Best Base Layer for Cold Weather Hunting|Top Picks and Guide

Need some comfort and warmth while hunting in chilly weather conditions? That’s possible only if you have the best base layer for cold weather hunting. Whether you will haunt a duck, pheasant, wild boar, or deer, your best base layers for hunting should ensure a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable hunting expedition.

Hunting apparels differ, and your choice will depend on what you’re hunting and your region’s climate. When hunting mainly in cold seasons, insist on the best base layer for hunting with materials that provide maximum warmth.

But if you are hunting in all seasons, you need hunting thermal underwear that regulates temperature to keep you warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. Whatever the case, your material of choice should be comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. As we have said in previous articles, such as hunting binoculars, Night Vision Scope, etc. Today, we will focus on the right layers for cold weather you should have for superior warmth.

Top 9 Hunting Base Layers for Cold Weather Hunting

There are many base layer brands in the market today. These brands have different qualities and features. This makes it time-consuming and tiresome to pick one that suits your needs. But you need not worry.

We’ve reviewed for you the top 9 scent lok base layers for cold weather hunting to make it easier for you to decide. These are the best base layer for extreme cold. Examine each of these hunting base layer reviews to get the best.

1. TSLA Men’s Thermal Underwear Set, Winter Warm Base Layer

Product features

  • Heat fit design
  • 8% Spandex
  • Excellent moisture wicking
  • Four-way stretch
  • Fleece-lined
  • Ultra-soft microfiber
  • Lightweight
  • Double-stitched neckline

Product description

If you are looking for the best Winter Warm Base Layer Top & Bottom for hunting, the TSLA Men’s Thermal Underwear Set fits the bill. The key feature of these thermal hunting clothes is their superior elasticity.

This is the best baselayer that gives you the freedom to move around with ease. The elastic fibers allow for 360-degree free mobility so you can enjoy both your outdoor and indoor activities.

For a comfortable fit, I would recommend that you buy one size up. If you order your exact size, you may find it to be a little too tight. These cheap base layers are machine washable, but I recommend that you hand-wash then dry it in the Sun for durability and better results.

You will probably like this thermal underwear set from the TSLA store because it has a casual look and is lightweight. When you have the top and bottom on, you won’t feel like it’s a burden. And in case you get sweaty as you go about your hunting business, its two-way moisture-wicking feature will draw the sweat away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable.


  • Non-binding body
  • It keeps the body warm and dry
  • Is comfortable to wear
  • Sporty design with a casual look 
  • Excellent mobility


  • Do not put in dryer
  • Can get a little too warm in warmer weather

2. MERIWOOL Men’s Base Layer 100% Merino Wool Thermal Pants

Product features

  • Items in different sizes from XS up to 3XL
  • 100 percent natural – no itch
  • 250g per m2 interlock-knit
  • Breathable
  • Naturally odor resistant
  • Excellent wicking
  • Quick-drying
  • Machine-washable

Product description

MERIWOOL Men’s Base Layer has all the features you might look for in base layers for outdoor activity. Well, this best men’s base layer isn’t for hunting alone. You can use it for skiing, playing sports, working out, hiking, or any other outdoor activity of your choice. Made from pure Merino wool, this product is the warmest base layer for hunting.

It is among the best base layer hunting clothes because of its scent-lok base layers. So, even after a severe workout, those around you won’t feel any strange odor coming from your body. This odor control feature makes it the first choice, particularly for those who work-out or hunt in groups.

Apparel from the MERIWOOL store is super-soft because they feature natural wool. It will keep you comfortable and dry, no matter the weather condition. Even if you have sensitive skin, you need not worry when using this brand because it is soft and doesn’t irritate the skin. Its thermoregulation properties make it highly versatile; you can wear it in both cold and warm weather.


  • High-quality material
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Perfect fit for outdoors activity
  • It can wick moisture away quickly
  • Made of 100 percent Natural fabric


  • Doesn’t dry quickly when washed
  • Feels thin

3. Smartwool base layer 250 men’s

Product features

  • Heated long underwear hunting
  • 100 percent Merino wool fabric
  • Comfortable fit
  • Soft, heavy material
  • Interlock knit
  • Thermoregulation capability
  • Flatlock seam construction
  • Features a 25 cm/10-inches front zipper

Product description

Smart wool base layer is a right base layer top if you are seeking both ventilation and warm insulation. Smart wool men’s base layer merino 250 is made of 100 merino wool, making it soft and plump, just what you need when it’s cold. Not only that, but you can also put it on in warm weather, thanks to its thermoregulation property.

If you are in the market for a base layer that will suit you best for every hunting season, Smart wool Men’s is your answer. It comes with a pair of socks to ensure you are warm from your feet upwards. All products from the MERIWOOL store are made from a high-performance fabric that makes it durable and the best next-to-skin comfort in colder weather.

This Merino camo base layer clothing delivers extra relaxation, versatility, and comfort throughout the day, whether you are riding, skiing, hiking, working out, or hunting. If you get sweaty, the Smart wool men top will wick the moisture away from your body, leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable.

Its seam has a flat lock construction, which minimizes chafing, meaning you can wear it from morning to evening, feeling no soreness on your skin.


  • Slim fit design
  • Scent control base layer
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable even for people with very sensitive skin
  • Available in eleven different colors


  • May over-stretch and become loose on big-bodied people
  • Maybe a little too long for short people

4. Rocky Thermal Underwear for Men | fleece base layer

Product features

  • High-grade fabrics
  • Elastic waistband
  • Moisture-wicking fleece-lined microfibers
  • Multi-purpose
  • Stretchy/elastic
  • Double layer neckline and knit cuffs
  • Fits well

Product description

The most vital selling point of this Rocky Thermal Underwear for Men is its moisture-wicking capability. If you are looking for an outfit that will keep you dry and light even if you take part in a sweaty workout, this product is for you. The long pants and the long-sleeved shirt are professionally designed to wick moisture away, and it will do that, no matter how active you get.

Rocky Thermal Underwear brand is relatively lightweight, thanks to the material – cotton, and Polyester. You won’t feel any baggage as you hunt ski, workout, or climb rocks. The elastic waistband is something I like about this product. It adds to the moisture protection, warmth, and elasticity.

You will also like Rocky Thermal Underwear because it fits well with no protrusions when worn under clothes. You can even wear them under your jeans, and it won’t disrupt your style. Furthermore, this underwear is hot. It will come in handy during those chilly, cold nights, especially if you have some outdoor activities.


  • Lightweight
  • Wonderfully warm
  • Made from high-grade fabrics
  • Stretchy
  • Comfortable


  • You can’t use the dryer with this product
  • The sizing is way off; read the size chart from the Rocky store before buying

5. Thermal Underwear for Men | Set with Top & Bottom

Product features

  • Made from 8% Spandex/92% Polyester
  • Fleece-lined
  • Has crew-neck design allowing you to match without sacrificing other functions
  • Ankle and wrist closure design to lock the heat inside
  • Elastic band
  • Pee/fly hole design
  • 3D slim design brings the clammy feeling + refund your money back
  • 4-way stretch for mobility

Product description

Thermal Underwear for Men comes with all the features you may need in underwear. For a start, it will offer you all-day comfort, even if the prevailing temperature is changing. When it is chilly, the skin-touch-fabric will act as your second skin to minimize heat loss.

Suppose the day becomes warm and you sweat. In that case, it will wick the moisture away without you noticing, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable.

Another thing I like most about Thermal Underwear for Men is its flexibility. It delivers full mobility, thanks to its 4-way stretch. It means you can use it for all your outdoor activities without sacrificing your comfort or range of movement.

With this kind of freedom, you can use it for hiking, biking, mountain climbing, skiing, and more.

This brand of Men’s Long Johns is the perfect base layer for use as underwear or casual attire. You can also wear them as pajamas on cold nights. When you are going out to run, jog, or bike, wear this thermal underwear under your clothing to keep you cozy and warm even in bad weather or cold climates.


  • Tag less design, meaning no skin irritation
  • Warm but lightweight
  • Excellent moisture wicking
  • Breathable fabric
  • Odor control


  • There’s an issue with sizing
  • A bit lighter than expected

6. Nomad men’s Scrape Jacket

Product features

  • Machine wash
  • Zipper closure
  • 100% Polyester
  • Scent suppression capability
  • Water repellent
  • Designed with high-pile super-soft Sherpa fleece
  • Offset zipper with chin guard
  • Silent fabric kills noise

Product description

This is another excellent product from the Nomad store. Suppose you are in the market insulated base layer that can give you an incredible experience out there. In that case, Nomad men’s Scrape Jacket is your ultimate solution.

 Why? Two outstanding features make this underwear stand out among others. The first one is the scent suppression feature, which absorbs and limits the spread of human scent. This can protect you against any prey in the forest.

The second feature is the silent fabric, which kills the noise, ensuring that you can move stealthily without getting detected. So, when you are hunting, no animal will hear you coming.

This nomad harvester jacket also shortly called hunting jacket is water-repellent property. The water-repellent coat on this underwear will ensure you are dry and comfortable, even in wet weather.

Another thing I like about the Nomad brand is wind resistant property. Its innovative construction and wind-resistant fabrics will limit wind flow to your body, ensuring you can stay warm out there.


  • Wind resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Super-soft
  • Safety Strap Compatible
  • 3-layer windproof


  • Its mid-area is a little bulky
  • Coats run on the small size

7. MERIWOOL Women’s Base Layer

Product features

  • Made of 400g/m² merino wool
  • 100% natural Merino wool (18.5-micron)
  • Odor resistant
  • First-class wicking
  • Breathable
  • Quick-drying
  • Heavyweight long sleeve
  • Itch-free hunting base layer

Product description

Here comes another super-soft and comfortable Woman’s Base Layer from the MERIWOOL store. This softness results from the 18.5-micron Merino wool. It is very friendly to the skin, so even if your skin is sensitive, you need not worry. It fits so well, you won’t feel it is too loose or too tight.

If you are a woman on the go, someone who wants ultimate comfort out there, this shirt should be on top of your purchasing list. Your outdoor adventures will never be cold again with MERIWOOL Women’s Base Layer. Whether you are skiing or camping, this shirt has you covered.

In case you get warm and start sweating, the Merino wool has natural moisture-wicking properties. It wicks the moisture away from your body, keeping you dry. The Merino wool is also the most breathable fabric today, making it even more comfortable.

Another thing I like about this base layer is that it is quite adaptive. Merino wool adapts to body temperature and self regulates. you never feel too cold or hot, no matter the weather.


  • Adapts to body temperature
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Ultra warmth
  • Versatile
  • Excellent wicking property
  • 0-day money-back service + super soft


  • Runs small – get a bigger size
  • Doesn’t fit well on short people

8. Rocky Thermal Underwear for Men

Product features

  • Made from Spandex, Polyester, and cotton
  • Ultra-soft
  • High-grade fabric
  • Fleece-lined
  • Elastic waistband
  • Double layer neckline and knit cuffs
  • Moisture-wicking microfibers
  • Lightweight to Heavyweight Fabrics.

Product description

Rocky Thermal Underwear is designed with the wearer in mind. You can wear a wool hunting shirt alone or under your clothes. The merino wool base layers fit snug enough, no bulges will show when you wear it under your clothes, so it won’t spoil your style. You can even wear them under your office attire.

Rocky brand underwear comes in a variety of styles to match your taste. You can choose from heavyweight to lightweight fabrics depending on the activity you take part in.

When winters get cold and rough, these long Johns will be your companion, keeping you warm throughout the day and night. This underwear from Rocky store fits well, and no matter how many times you wash it, it will never shrink. Meaning it will serve you well throughout its lifespan.

The long pants and the long-sleeved shirt to keep you warm. The material will wick away moisture or sweat to keep your skin dry and comfortable. So you can get as active as you wish without worrying about getting drenched in sweat.


  • Don’t shrink even when washed several times
  • Made of durable fabric
  • Wonderfully warm
  • You can wear alone or under ordinary clothing
  • Multipurpose – for jogging, running, biking, or cycling in the cold


  • Sizing can be way off
  • The thermal bottoms are a little smaller than expected

9. Minus33 Merino Wool 723 Kobuk Men’s Expedition Weight ¼ Zip 

Product features

  • Machine wash
  • Imported
  • A mock neck
  • 100% Merino wool
  • ¼ zip with thumb holes
  • Fully backed zipper
  • 400 gram/m2 Interlock knit design

Flat Lock Stitching

Product description

Does your work or hobby force you to go out even when it is cold? Even when it’s snowing or windy? If yes, then Minus33 expedition weight ¼ zip is just the right underwear for you. This ¼ zip base layer features a zipper, discreet thumbholes, and a mock neck for venting. It’s a great product for the price.

Minus33 Merino Wool Store is famous for the comfort and warmth it provides when engaging the elements. It is more comfortable and warmer than most underwear, twice its price, and is one of the best scent control base layers.

It also has a mock neck that adds more warmth. Halfway between a crew-neck and a turtle neck, this mock neck will sit closer to your neck, giving you some extra fabric without being too bulky.

Another thing that makes it the best merino wool base layer for hunting is its tagless construction. This type of construction eliminates scratching and itching caused by traditional tags. This hunting layering is more comfortable and gives you the reason it should be part of your outdoor gear.


  • Fits comfortably
  • Super soft under armor base layer hunting
  • Flatlock seams that prevent chafing
  • Tagless construction
  • Comes in different sizes from XS to 3XL
  • Moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties


  • Fine wool can be a little delicate for machine wash and drying (needs you to be careful)
  • It may seem short for very tall people

Best Base Layer for Cold Weather Hunting Buyers Guide

If the animals you’re hunting try to be safe, what about you? Do you consider winter base layers and the right layering for hunting? You need the best hunting base layer to ensure your safety and comfort to make your hunting enjoyable.

Having the warmest base layer for cold weather helps your body stay warm. Here are the factors you need to consider when purchasing the best base layer for hunting.


Base layers are made from a variety of fabrics. This includes natural materials like cotton, wool, bamboo, and silk. Additionally, you can get them in synthetic materials such as microfiber, Polyester, and polyethylene fabrics. These materials differ in their properties and the way they keep the wearer warm. Wool is the most generous of all, while cotton provides the best moisture-wicking quality.

On the other hand, silk is very smooth, while bamboo fits the body tightly and retains its shape longer. Synthetic materials have an advantage since they are less costly than natural materials. Before you buy any hunting underwear, find out the material, and choose the material that suits your needs.

Weight of the Material

The materials used for making scent blocker base layers have different densities. We have lightweight fabric that wicks and dries faster, making them suitable for many outdoor activities. They also fit tightly to the skin, which enhances their moisture-wicking property. The mid-weight fabrics are excellent for insulation and moisture absorption.

They provide adequate protection against cold weather but may not be suitable if you engage in excessive workouts. Heavyweight fabrics are the best for cold environments. They offer excellent wicking and superior warmth and insulation.


Comfort is a significant factor in choosing underwear. If you are looking for something you can put on the whole day, it should be as comfortable as possible. A comfortable base layer should be friendly on your skin and should have the excellent moisture-wicking capability. It should also be elastic enough to allow unrestricted mobility.

A natural fabric-like that is used in the merino wool base layer is more comfortable than synthetic fabric. However, synthetic layers can work well if you need more warmth in a cold environment.


Since underwear is worn during strenuous activities, they need frequent washing. It needs to have durable material so it can last longer. Durable materials cost more, meaning you need to shop smart. If you want a material that can serve you longer, you have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Apart from the material, the quality of stitching in the bottom, ankles, and knees is also important because it helps the base layer withstand all abuses it faces. Most synthetic layers are more durable than wool, but it all depends on how you use and take care of them.


Warmth is the main reason people buy base layers. If you are working out or hunting in cold weather or have an outdoor activity during winter, you need a cold gear base layer to keep you warm. So choose a layer that suits the type of environment in which you want to use it.


When you sweat it out or hunt, you need underwear to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable. Breathable material is excellent at temperature regulation and in pulling away moisture from your body. You need a thermal base layer to keep you dry and comfortable.

Fit and Ease of Handling

Right underwear should fit you tightly but allow you to move freely. Before you buy a base layer, read its reviews, and check the size chart to help you pick the right fit. Also, make sure you choose a layer that doesn’t cause skin irritation/allergies/abrasion/itching and is easy to wash and dry. Additionally, a good base layer should be stain-resistant and water-repellent.  

Odor Resistance

Good underwear should have antibacterial treatment to prevent bacterial growth, which causes a foul odor. Many high-end fabrics have special coatings that inhibit the growth of bacteria and germs. These are the kinds of materials you should insist on.

Activity Level

When buying a base layer, the weather is something you’ll always keep in mind. But that’s all that there is to base layers. You also have to consider your activity level.

For example, a base layer used for strenuous activities should feature more rigid materials than those only to keep you warm. They should also have better moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry during your workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: How do I choose the right base layer for hunting?

A: There are three main factors to consider when choosing a base layer: material, weight, and fitting. You can choose either a natural material or a synthetic one, depending on the use you want to put it to.

On matters of weight, we have lightweight, Mid-weight, and heavyweight layers. Lastly, a good layer should fit you well. It should be tight but flexible.

Q. Is nylon a good base layer?

A. Nylon isn’t a good candidate for base layers because it scores low in breathability. Its moisture-wicking ability is also poor than other fabrics. However, nylon beats many other fabrics in durability. It also dries very quickly.

Q. What is the best base layer for cold weather hunting?

A. You will find plenty of odor-resistant base layers for cold weather hunting. The best base layers for cold weather hunting are the above we have covered in our guide. We selected moisture-wicking and quick-drying clothes to keep your body temperature warm.

Q. What exactly are base layers?

A. A base layer is underwear closest to your skin and acts as your “second skin.” They are used to keep a warm body while at the same time wicking away any moisture to keep you comfortable.

Q. Should a base layer be tight?

A. A well-fitting base layer should feel tight on the body and flexible enough to allow you to move freely. Even though it is recommended that base layers should fit tightly, this doesn’t mean you should buy a size smaller than your average dress size.


Whichever underwear you choose, taking good care of it means a lot if you want it to serve you longer. These base layers for hunting are quite affordable, but they provide exemplary performance.

Now that you have a review of the best base layer for hunting and how to layer for cold weather hunting, you can decide on the one that suits your hunting needs. Read the reviews carefully to get to understand the features described. This will help you select to buy the best base layer for cold weather hunting.

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