A coaster brake hub is a type of bicycle hub that uses a roller to friction-ally slow the rotation of the wheel. The coaster brake was invented by J.K. Starley in 1887, and was the first type of brake to be used on a bicycle. Coaster brake hubs were the most common type of brake used on bicycles until the 1970s, when they were replaced by caliper brakes.

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DONSP1986 Bicycle Coaster Brake Hub/Bike Brake Rear Hub 36 Hole Stainless Steel
  • Bicycle Coaster Brake Hub/Bike Brake Rear Hub 36 Hole Stainless Steel
  • Rear Width:110mm,Axle length:165mm; Material: Stainless steel;
  • 18 tooth slice and other accessory
  • Rear Hub diameter: 38mm, work with 1.5" adapter
  • Package includes: 1 x Coaster Brake Hub. 1 x Accessory (18 tooth slices, screws and gasket, etc)
Flying Horse Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Coaster Brake Rear 26” x 1.25” Bicycle Rim – Gas Bike HD Rim Upgrade (Black)
  • HEAVY DUTY SPOKES: The Flying Horse Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Rear Rim will provide increase stability with their large spokes. These rims are perfect for motorized bike or any bicycle that gets lots of hard use. The sidewalls are strong and perfect for use with caliper style brakes
  • COASTER BRAKE: This rim features an integrated coast brake directly in the hub so that all you have to do is pedal backwards to apply your rear brake.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installation is a breeze, just remove your old wheel and transfer the tires to your new Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Rim then bolt it on to your bike and your good to go. It's that easy!
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Designed to fit most standard 26” cruiser, mountain bike, city bike and beach cruiser style bicycles. These rims are 26” x 1.25” and fit tires from 26” x 1.25”-2.5”
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1x Heavy Duty Rear Coaster Brake Wheel
Wheel Rear 26 x 1.75 Black Alloy Cruiser, Shimano E110 Coaster Hub, Bolt On, 12g SS Spokes, 36H
  • Rear Bolt On Wheel
  • Black Weinmann AS7X Rim
  • Shimano E110 Coaster Break Hub
  • 12G SS Spokes
  • 36 Hole
KT - Coaster Brake
  • Kt Coaster Brake Hub Cb Kt 305ra Stl 36hx14gx110 Bk W/trim Kit 18t
KT - Coaster Brake
  • Kt Coaster Brake Hub Cb Kt 305ra Stl 36hx12gx110 Bk W/trim Kit 18t
SHIMANO Hub Coaster Brake Repair Kit For-E110
  • Shimano CB-E110 Coaster Brake Hub Internal Kit 110mm OLD 165mm Axle
CYCLEZ Rear Coaster Brake Hub Bearings 7/32" x 9 (2X) and 1/4" x 7 (1x) for Bicycle Wheels, Kids Bikes, Lowrider Bikes, Beach Cruiser, Chopper, Stretch Bicycles, Complete Set
  • Rear Coaster Brake Hub Bearings
  • 7/32" x 9 (2pcs) and 1/4" x 7 (1pc) Qty: 3pc Set
  • High Quality Steel Bearings Made in Taiwan, Durable and Longer Lasting Ball Bearings. Perfect Replacement Set
  • Bearing Set is Ideal for Most Rear Coaster Wheels: Kids Bikes, BMX, Lowrider Bikes, Beach Cruiser, Chopper, Stretch Bicycles
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If for some reason you are not satisfied with this purchase, please return it for a full refund!
Fenix Cycles Coaster Hub Sprocket Kit, Various Colors & Sizes (18T Chrome)
  • Avaiablie Sizes - 14t, 16t, 18t, 20t, 22t
  • Coaster Brake E-Type Trim Kit
  • Comes as a complete kit
MagiDeal Set of Coaster Brake Hubs 36 Hole with 18T Cog Screw Parts
  • Rear wheel coaster hub for back pedal brake.
  • 36 spoke holes (both right and left side have 18 holes respectively).
  • 18 tooth sprocket and other accessory.
  • Available for fixed gear bicycles.
  • Material: stainless steel
KT Hub Coaster Brake E-Type Spring Holder
  • Kt Hub Parts Hub Cb Kt Part E-08 Spring Holder

Important Aspects to Consider When Choosing Coaster Brake Hub

Coaster brakes are a type of bicycle brake that is activated by pedaling backwards. The coaster brake is located in the hub of the rear wheel and is activated by a lever on the handlebars.

When shopping for a coaster brake hub, it is important to consider the quality of the brake and the size of the hub. The quality of the coaster brake will determine how well it performs and how long it lasts. The size of the coaster brake hub will determine the size of the wheels that can be used with the brake.

It is also important to consider the weight of the bicycle and the rider when choosing a coaster brake hub. A heavier rider or bicycle will require a stronger brake.

When shopping for a coaster brake hub, it is important to read online reviews to see what others have to say about the quality of the brake. It is also a good idea to ask friends or family members who ride bicycles with coaster brakes for their recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I maintain my coaster brake hub?

To keep your coaster brake hub working properly, you should regularly clean and lubricate it. You can find specific instructions in your hub’s owner’s manual.

2. What are the signs that my coaster brake hub needs to be replaced?

If your coaster brake hub is making noise, is difficult to pedal, or is not engaging properly, it may need to be replaced.

3. How do I know if my coaster brake hub is compatible with my bike?

Coaster brake hubs are typically only compatible with certain types of bikes. Before purchasing a new coaster brake hub, consult your bike’s owner’s manual or the manufacturer to ensure compatibility.


The coaster brake hub is the best option for a coaster brake because it is the most reliable and durable option. It is also the easiest to maintain and repair.

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