Difference Between Right And Left Handed Bow

How do you determine the right bow to use? First, you should know the Difference Between Right And Left Handed Bow. If you are a right-handed person, you need to get a right-hand bow, which you hold in the left hand. On the other hand, left-handed people need a left-hand bow while you have one in the right hand.

To upgrade your shooting skills, you will need to consider a few things to consider to achieve. You need to identify your dominant hand and dominant eye. This will enhance accuracy and yielding shoot. We will help you understand which bow suits you well and how to pick the right one.

Difference Between Right And Left Handed Bow

Research shows that 90% of the people are right-handed hence comprise the majority. The other 10% are left-handed, but you can find other propels with cross dominance. This means they can change their hand preference as they wish.

You can either choose short or longbows or right hand or left-hand bows when it comes to hunting and shooting. There are significant differences between a right-handed bow and a left-handed bow starting from their design.

If you are a newbie, the two bows might seem the same, but it is easy to know the difference after a few practices. You hold it on with the right hand for a left-hand bow, and your left-hand draws the string.

On the other hand, you hold a right-handed bow with the left hand, and the right-hand draws the string.  For a recurve bow, the hand that draws is the one that determines whether a bow is left-handed or right-handed.

The bow you draw with the left hand is right-handed, and the one you draw with the right hand is left-handed. In some cases, you carefully check on the labeling on the bows. Some bows don’t have proper marking, whether right-handed or left-handed, which using them would be wrong.

Here are parts you would look for in a bow that will help you determine whether it’s left or right-handed.

Bow Sight

Many bows have a design where most of them contain a bow sight. The sight pins work well to align the arrow directly to your target object.


It makes the bow to be stable for the archer even though not all bows contain this feature.

Arrow rest

This is where the head of the arrow stays when the shooter draws back the string. The arrow rest is almost available in all bows out there.

When you find out the bow area’s above parts on the bow’s left side, that specific bow is right-handed. Additionally, when looking at your bow and find the bow sight, stabilizer, and arrow rest on the bow’s right side, this indicates that the bow is left-handed.

The Importance of Hand and Eye Dominance in Archery

Hand and eye dominance are crucial in archery; it doesn’t matter if you are a left or a right-handed shooter.  Many people know their hand dominance already since they use it for most activities like eating, writing, and playing games, among many others.

Right-hand dominant is the one that most people in the world have, and the less number of the world population have left hand dominant. From the research done, about 1% of the world population can use both hands to carry out various tasks. Most people on the planet know their hand dominance at young ages, making works easy for archery.

Hand dominance is essential when it comes to archery. This is because it’s a mighty hand and works than the other hand, not the dominant one. When drawing a bow, focus, enough strength, cooperation, and accuracy is much needed to give a shot. When you already know your dominant hand, you will achieve all this.

Eye dominance is also crucial in archery since it’s the one that helps you to have a clear focus on your target object. But it would help if you used both eyes to see the dominant eye that keeps the focus. In other words, people call it eye power because it determines whether you will have a successful shot or not.

As an archer, you should have a clear shot for your target by allowing the arrow shaft and the bowstring to underline with your dominant eye. The dominant eye sees clearer and is much stronger than the non-dominant eye. 

In most cases, the hand and dominant eye match up. If such similarities occur, it will be easy to select a bow. For a left hand and left eye dominant, you will need a left-hand bow, and on the other hand, for the right hand and right hand dominant, you will need a right-handed bow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between right handed and left handed bow?

There is a big difference between left and right-handed bow, and you can differentiate by the way you hold the bows. For the left-handed bow, you hold it in by your right-hand side, and the left-hand draw the bowstring. However, you have it in your left hand for the right-handed bow, and your right hand draws the string. 

Do I need a left or right-handed bow? 

Q: To determine whether you need a right or left-handed bow, you will need to know you are over general superiority. You will need to know your superior eye and hand. The moment you know that you can easily determine whether you need a left or right-handed bow.

Q: I am cross dominant – how can I find the right compound bow for me?

If you are cross dominant, you can choose between age, taste, and preference. As your age increases, the best way to find a matching bow is to suits your hand dominant. On the other hand, at a younger age, the best way to determine is by actually trying shooting both ways and you can easily tell which you feel most comfortable with.

Q: What is parallax, and how will it help me choose the right kind of compound bow?

Parallax is when the recipient tends to alter position when the viewer changes his location or that of the device. His viewing with parallax will be helpful when it comes to selecting the kind of bow you need.

Q: Which hand should be your bow hand if you are right eye dominant?

When you are viewing an object, you will focus on it.  Closing your right eye, the object will move to the left, and when you close your left eye, the item will not move by observing this. You are a right eye dominant, and hence right-handed bow will work best for you.

Q:  I’m a bow hunter and a lefty. Can I use an RH bow using an arrow rest like whisker?

Biscuits? The answer to this is yes! You can use a right-hand bow if you are lefty. And when you are right-handed, you can as well use a left-handed bow. The critical thing is to know your dominant eye. In most cases, the hand and eye dominant go hand in hand, but it does not apply to everyone. 

For hunters whose hand and eye dominance are not the same are referred to as cross dominant. You can as well learn how to shoot with your non-dominant hand if you want to.

Q: How to tell if a recurve bow is left or right-handed

 to determine whether a bow is right or left-handed, the drawing hand is the vital factor determining. You will use the same features as a compound bow to tell whether a recurve bow is right or left-handed. The arrow rest is the best feature.

When the arrow rest is on the left, the right hand should be drawn while the arrow rests situated on the right; it will draw by a left-handed recurve bow.

Final Words

Understanding the type of bow you need is essential for you to enjoy maximum benefits.  Choosing a suitable hunting bow should be easy, and you should always consider eye dominance. If you are a right-handed person and have right eye dominance, you should pick a right-handed bow.

Left-handed people with left eye dominance need a left-hand bow. Please consider a bow that goes well with your dominant eye for those shooters who are cross dominant. After understanding the difference between right and left handed Bow, I hope the information will improve your archery skills.