Extreme Cold Weather Hunting Gear | 13 Warmest Cold Weather Hunting Clothes

Hunting can be brutal during cold weather seasons, and this calls for suitable extreme cold weather hunting gear. Extreme cold conditions affect an individual psychologically/ and physically. On top of that, you can quickly lose concentration when holding a bow or a short gun. For that reason, it is advisable to wear a multipurpose outfit to counter the frigid late cold season.

Today, you don’t need to hunt for animal fur. You can easily buy extreme cold weather hunting clothes that resemble animal fur in terms of warmth and scent. We’ll help you visualize the best gear, and you don’t need to scroll for hours searching for the best hunting clothes for cold weather.

Why do you Need Cold Weather Hunting Gear?

It is ideal to have cold weather hunting gear for several reasons. First, if you dream of hunting for long hours in the cold, you need outfits that can provide you with warmth.

Also, during cold seasons, you might find yourself missing one or multiple targets because your fingers are cold. Your fingers need to be warm in whatever situation.

Furthermore, if you choose any other kind of buggy clothes that seems to provide warmth, you might end up losing the whole game. You might find yourself unable to draw a bow with bulky clothes fully.

For those reasons, you need the right hunting cold-weather suit to aid your accuracy and concentration when you are in the field.

Extreme Cold Weather Hunting Gear

In this section, you will learn about the best cold weather hunting clothes for your hunting trips. Most of these winter hunting gear is for both women and adults. Read our cold weather hunting gear reviews to get ideas on cold weather hunting clothes.

1. Base Layer

A base layer is the perfect hunting cold gear that you need for successful trips. This piece is like armor for the war heroes or a bulletproof for the 21st-century soldier.  A base layer mainly consists of a thick insulate that retains warmth and a tighter underneath the enclosure.

Most base layers like the HecBaselayer comes with an electrical energy shielding technology for higher performance. This gear will allow you to wear more outfits depending on how cold the climate affects you. 

Besides, most of the base layers include a suit with a long-sleeved top, a pair of bottoms, and a zip neck.

2. Coat

It would help if you had lightweight hunting clothes that maximizes the amount of heat on your skin, and a coat might be the preferable gear. If you happen to get a waterproof coat, then you’ll have an edge in your hunting trip since most cold seasons are wet.

Get the best hunting coat for cold weather with warm pockets. Habit 4-in-1 Hunting parka coat might your desired gear. The outfit is lightweight, and it has a 4-1 design construction design with a zipper chest pocket.

Also, it is waterproof and has a reversible liner jacket that is removable in that case. Ensure you don’t wear a baggy coat that will be carried by the wind on the sides. Get a windproof hunting jacket for the best hunting experience.

3. Pants

Cold weather hunting pants have thick insulation than other hunting pants to keep you warm. On top of that, they are waterproof to protect you from every outdoor element. These pants have more reinforcement on the knees and the seat to ensure you stay away from the rain and snow.

You can also consider hunting suit cold weather or extremely cold weather hunting coveralls to give you more coverage when hunting. Always choose the warmest coveralls to prevent you from freezing out there.

4. Mild Layer

You need to understand that getting thicker outfits can retain your heat far better than bulky clothes. Most professionals recommend sweatshirts or long-sleeves. Remember, mild layer outfits are the interior clothes you wear inside the base layer or the coat.

Depending on the weather condition, you might need up to 3 layers of mild clothes. This gear is the link between your skin and the outside climate, and you must be vigilant you strategize this step. Most hunters will lose heat due to skimpy mild layer outfits, and you shouldn’t be one of them.

5. Outer Layer

The outer layer is one of the most ignored outfits for cold weather hunting. This suit will consist of several combinations of clothes that can keep you warm and focused. It might consist of a heating suit with an extra and an overall.

An overall is one of the best cold weather bow hunting clothing because it is not bulky and buggy. Also, overalls are vital for hiding your scent, and you can use them as a camo as well. In most cases, an outer layer outfit is your last weapon against cold weather, and it can be a good strategy for concealment.

6. Boots

If you are an early riser, you’ll need a pair of the best cold weather hunting boots with some wool underneath. In a temperature below 20 degrees, your toes will tend to freeze hence making your movement heavier.

Lacrosse Men’s boots and 3000-grain boots are your best shot for coming out of the woods lucky. These boots will keep your feet warm and dry for the rest of your hunting trip. You can never last more than 4 hours on the field with wet feet, which is quite a disadvantage.

7. Socks

extreme cold weather hunting gear

A pair of warm socks can work miracles with your freezing feet. Socks are one of the best winter camouflage clothing that ignites more benefits than you can imagine. It would be best if you had thick wool socks that fit well with your boots to stand a better chance of tracking a deer.

One of the greatest mistakes that most hunters make is finding soft socks that barely reach their ankles. You’ll need a longer pair of socks according to your boots’ size and avoid ankle socks at all costs. Longer pairs of socks will give you an added advantage when you are camouflaging in a bushy surround.

8. Gloves


Maybe you have seen in the movies where almost all the special ops cover their palms with gloves. You are undertaking a serious mission, and you need to keep your fingers as warm as possible. Gloves will help retain warmth on your fingers’ edges and give you a better shot of flexibility.

If you have the warmest hunting jacket, then you need gloves too. You don’t need to rely on your coat’s generous pockets when you are out in the woods. It would be best if you never put your hands in the pocket while hunting. There are some excellent gloves you can rely upon, such as Under Armor men’s groves and Glacier Glove Alaska.

9. Hat

Who doesn’t love wearing a hat? Hats are not only for the cowboys but hunters as well. In most cases, a hat is the hunter’s best friend, especially during the harsh cold winter or the fall. Think about the cold mist from the horizon.  You can avoid direct contact with cold air with a hat on your head.

Also, hats are used as winter camouflage clothing and scents killers as well. Choose a hat that goes well with your warmest hunting jacket, and you will look like a ninja ready to devour. Some of the best hats include KING BIKE Balaclava and Ergodyne Standard hat.

10. Facemask

Facemasks are very popular for the Asian hunters and the Northern African hunters as well. A face mask can give you fantastic composure while keeping you comfortable simultaneously. Also, a face mask is an excellent scent lokcold gear that you can use to hide your tactics when in the woods.

Most hunting facemasks cover the neck, and you should get one that goes up to the shoulders. Some of the suitable facemasks out there include Scentlok Men’s Full season facemask, Heat Factory Deluxe, and DecoyPro Camo Facemasks. These models come in different colors, and you can choose one that matches your base layer or the overall.

11. Scarf

Scarfs are very critical when it comes to extreme cold weather hunting. Most of the heat loss that happens in your body takes place around the neck. So, it is critical to hide the area around the shoulders and neck with a scarf if your facemask is slightly shorter.

A scarf is one of the hunting outfits that give a lot of heat or warmth. However, it would help if you were careful when choosing a specific scarf model. This is because some of the scarfs out there are full of holes that tend to lose heat. Also, ensure you wear the scarf in the right manner to avoid incidents of debouncing when shooting.

12. Wool

Most people see wool as outdated or traditional hunting gear, but they are wrong. Wool was the main component of snow camo clothing by the early man. It remains one of the most critical gears in modern history. You don’t need to kill a polar bear to get the right choice of wool.

Today, you can get wool from the market with a good construction that will keep you warm for ages. There plenty of snow hunting gear you can find to keep you warm.

One of the most significant advantages of snow camouflage clothes made of wool is that they provide a neutral natural scent. That means you’ll not need any artificial scent killer in your hunting trips that would otherwise cost you extra bucks. Today, most professional hunters use wool as snow camouflage hunting clothes to stay for an extended period without getting wet.

13. Body Suit

One of the most excellent options for extreme cold hunting gear is a heated hunting suit. A bodysuit will keep your entire body warm, and the best part of it is that you will not need an extra outfit.

Bodysuits such as Warmbag are designed to be a mitten for your body from head to toe, and you should consider getting one for your trips.

When wearing heated hunting suits, you’ll need to wear lightweight clothes underneath.  Thin layers are the right choice for preventing overheating, which might be a significant disadvantage for surviving longer hours in the wood. Northern hunters mostly use suits, and it’s right time you get one for hardcore cold weather hunting.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the best hunting gear for cold weather?

A bodysuit, especially the Warmbag, might be the best hunting gear for cold weather. The gear is the best wild hunting suit for keeping your entire body mitten without the need to get another pack.

Also, base layer outfits like the Hec-Base-Layer gear are perfect for extreme cold weather. It comes with a 3-piece suite containing a zip neck, a pair of bottoms, and a usable fly.

What do you wear for 40-degree weather hunting?

You need to wear hunting clothes for a temperature exceeding 29 degrees to avoid getting exhausted quickly due to overheating. It is advisable to wear a short-sleeved top, a lightweight headcover, and a light bodysuit.

It would also help if you stayed as dry as possible. With a temperature of 40 degrees, you need boots made of fabrics in the interior. If it is a must you wear an overall, get a lightweight version.

What should I wear in extremely cold weather?

Wool has been the most outstanding outfit for extreme cold weather hunting. The gear will stay dry for an extended period and keep you warm even in adverse weather conditions.  You can also get a waterproof jacket or an overall as your outer layer.

What are the warmest hunting bibs?

Sitka Men’s Gore Fanatic Bibs is the warmest hunting bibs you can get out there. The gear c comes with 100 polyester material as well as a windproof feature to help retain heat. Also, you will get silver insulation for noise reduction.

Carhartt Men’s Big Camo Bib Overall is another good bib for warm hunting.  Carhartt has the reputation of a durable camo overall that comes with multiple pockets to stock your gear. You choose this bib for the ankle-to-knee feature that keeps the wind from blowing the heat underneath.


You don’t have to stay at home anymore during freezing weather since you can get quality cold-weather camo. Join your friends at the park with the above cold weather hunting apparel, and it will be fun to surprise the deer with wool-like gears. The best cold weather hunting gear makes hunting easy than ever by keeping you dry and warm simultaneously.

One of the benefits of extreme cold weather hunting gear is that you don’t have to wait for the unpredictable summer spells to enjoy your favorite meat. You can buy yourself the warmest hunting gear such as hunting bibs and change the who situation. These extreme cold weather hunting gear will help hide your scent and make you invisible with the in-built camo.

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