How to Carry a Bow On Your Back | Proven For 2021

A bow is a necessary equipment that you need to carry when hunting. You need to understand how to carry a bow on your back properly when going in the woods. Apart from your back, there are other ways of carrying a bow. They include using a case, using your hand, bow over the shoulder, or a vehicle.

All these methods will help you move around quickly without damage or injuries.

Today, we will majorly focus on carrying a bow on your back. If you know how to wear a bow on your back, it will be easy to reach the wilderness without fatigue. We will cover the right procedure for carrying your archery bows and some tips for carrying a bow.

How to Carry a Bow On Your Back?

How do you carry a bow on your back? Is this what you are trying to figure out? Learning how to carry a hunting bow on your back is great because it will keep your hands free. Additionally, there is even weight distribution on your body, which helps you move fast as you need.

So, if you are going for coyote hunting with a bow, we will help you understand how to carry a bow when not in use. Follow these tips, and you will understand how to carry a bow and arrow on your back the right way.

Follow these steps on how to carry a bow

1: Wrap It with a Cotton Towel

When carrying hunting bows for girls, the first step is to warp the bow using a cotton towel. It prevents injuries because the bow doesn’t come into contact with your body.

2: Wear like a Sling

This is the next step on how to carry a longbow on your back. Carry your weapon like a sling such that it doesn’t come from your body. You can create a recurve bow back sling with a cotton towel and ensure you make it tight to achieve a snug fit. It ensures your bow doesn’t slip so that it will stay in place throughout your journey.

Before you carry your lightweight compound bow with this technique, it is good to do some practice. You will determine if you are comfortable and whether you can move fast.

3: Removing the Bow

Hold your bow on the bottom side and slip the unit over your head and arms to remove it quickly.

Advantages of carrying your bow on your back

  • Your hands are free
  • Great if you are traveling for long-distance
  • It is a lightweight and comfortable way to carry your bow.
  • Help you move fast


  • Limbs and other bow parts are prone to damages.
  • It would help if you had more time to get used to this method.

Tips for Carrying Your Bow

After understanding the right way to carry your hunting bow, it is excellent to know some tips. These will help you take your bow easily.

  • Insulate the string to avoid scratches since it is in contact with your body. On top of that, ensure you cover the whole bowstring to prevent unwanted injuries.
  • Put the bow across your body if you want to wear the bow as a sling. Put one side of the bowstring above the shoulder while the other one should be below your arm.
  • Consider the size of the bow since they come in varying sizes. Small bows car be hard to carry as a sling.
  • Avoid carrying your bow by the string because it will lead to unwanted stretches.
  • Angle the bow to prevent head, neck, back, throat, or arm injuries.
  • Take your time so that you can get used to using a sling on your back. Practice more to give you an understanding of how the bow feels on your back.
  • When you want to use your bow, hold it on the underside, slip the bubble over your head, and then fire your target.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to measure string length for a longbow?

A: You need to find the length from one groove string to the other. This will help you determine the length of the bow. If you shoot a recurve bow, then the bowstring will be shorter by 4 inches than the bow length. For a longbow, it will be 3 inches shorter.

Q: How to draw bow archery?

A: To draw your bow, keep your head up and straight, relax your shoulders, and use your back. Your wrist should be flat and the center of the string. Face your chest perpendicular to your target and keep the draw in a continuous motion.

Q: How to carry a compound bow on your back?

A: It is easier to use a compound bow carry sling if you want to carry your bow when it is not in use. This will help you carry bow on back without fatigue.

Q: What are the different ways to carry a bow?

A: There are various ways on how to take a bow with you. You can use your hand, shoulders using a bow sling or bow slung over shoulder. Moreover, you can use your back or a carrying case to carry your bow.


Carrying a bow on the back is an easy way if you know how to do it right. Understand how to carry a crossbow with a sling so that you can move around fast. On top of that, this method gives you peace of mind because your bow and arrows are safe. If you carry a bow on your back, there are minimal chances of injuries.

I hope you now understand how to carry a bow on your back when going for your next hunting trip. This technique is easy and safe to use. I hope this guide and tips on how to carry a bow on your back will get the most from your bow hunting coyote experience.