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Planning to buy a recurve bow for target shooting or hunting? If you are a beginner, you should know how to choose a recurve bow to get the right one. Recurve bows are great if you want to get started in archery. However, choosing a recurve bow can be confusing if you hardly know the things to check.

We will help you understand how to pick a recurve bow and what size recurve bow you need. Learning to use a bow is fun. You only need to practice with the right weight bow and the correct draw length. You will be able to know how easy it works and aim correctly for accurate shooting.

However, it is always good to look at the archer’s chart to know the bow’s right size to avoid using a heavy one.  That will muscle fatigue you and then losing target when you strain your hands. Read this recurve bow guide for more buying tips.

What Is a Recurve Bow?

Before we discuss what to check when buying a recurve bow, you should understand what a recurve bow is and what sizeable bow I need. A recurve bow refers to a type of bow that features recurve bow limbs that curve away from the user.

The bow stores plenty of energy and provides efficient fuel than straight-limbed bows. As a result, you will get more power and speed for the arrows.

For you to get the best recurve bow, you need to go through various recurve bow reviews. You should also know how to select the recurve bow sizing to help you get a good bow fitting. 

Read this informative recurve bow guide to assist you in picking a suitable recurve hunting bow. The tips will help you, especially if you are buying your first recurve bow.

Things to Consider When Buying a Recurve Bow

Choosing a hunting bow is not that easy as you may have thought. This is because we have very many options to choose from. Besides, the bows are from different techniques, which can make you feel devastated.

However, knowing the kind of bow to use and the kind of, it will do will help you choose the right one. This way, you will select the right one based on the size, color, and length you will be comfortable with. The following factors will help you come up with the best recurve bow;

Draw Weight

To have a better recurve bow draw weight for deer, you will have to consider; length, capability, and stability. It would help if you had a bow that you can draw. This is because it is always better to entirely remove your bow for 30 or more seconds more than two times while using it.

It would be best if you always chose the right draw weight based on your body type. Also, ensure that you pick at least 40 lbs.

If your draw weight is less, then you can be accurate when shooting. This is because your hands will not be straining too much, making your muscles aches. Besides, you will be able to do the proper targeting when holding your bow steadily.

When holding too much draw weight, you will be quick to release your shot; hence, you will miss your accuracy. Ensure you choose the recurve bow that you can hold its draw weight not to feel muscle exhaustion when aiming at shooting to avoid missing your target.

What to Shoot

Before buying a bow, you need to know what the purpose of purchasing a bow is. Knowing the work your bow will do will help you understand what is required of you.  You will be able to see when you adjust the limb and which draw weight to use.

When you are using your bow to hunt, you should not use less weight draw length, unlike the target archery. This is because you will be hunting animals that are not one or two. Here you will have several shootings that will enhance accuracy. Besides, your hunting should be high, so you do not need a small recurve bow draw length that will bring down your target.

Bow Size

What size recurve bow do I need for hunting? You need to understand how to size a recurve bow when choosing a bow. Before you decide on which recurve bow to purchase, you need to select the better one. We have very many alternatives that are of different sizes—the sizes from 48inches to 70inches.

However, you also have to bear in mind that we have two procedures to know the kind of bow you need for shooting.

In the first method, they draw length to determine the bow size you want. Here, you can do the measurements to get the draw length. Then the hand measurement result is divided by 2.5 then. You can refer to your chart to see which bow will be good for your shooting.

The second method is to bring your height and use a sizing bow chart to work out the size of bow you want. This method is not safe to use since your arms size will not be measured. This way, you will be straying while using your bow if you have long arms; hence you will not be aiming at accurate shooting.

Make sure you use the method that will make you feel comfortable while shooting. You do need a bow that will be overwhelming to use.

Type of Bow to Use

There are types of recurve bows that you can choose from. These include a one-piece recurve bow and a takedown recurve bow.  One-piece recurve bow has one material, and it is easy to use.

You only need to put your string in a better position to enable your shooting. The only problem is that you cannot fix it if you broke down. You will have to buy another one.

Takedown recurve bow is excellent since you can be able to change its body parts once damaged. However, you will be able to use your draw length as higher as you want since you will be conversant with it once you are used to it.

Look for a good bow that you will get more experienced with while developing your skills. You don’t need to buy a one-piece recurve bow that will not last long. Once it is damaged, you will have to throw it away.

Instead, go for a takedown recurve bow to change its limb, which goes with your draw length once you become an expert in the shooting.

Bow Length

How long should a recurve bow be? It is very much essential to know the size of the bow to use. On top of that, you should know how to measure draw length for recurve bow.

Whether long or short, but does it enable accurate shooting? You need to understand that a shorter bow will not be able to shoot further and are less precise, unlike the longbow.

When aiming at more big hunting, then you should go for a longbow that is 55inches. It is suitable for targeting. But it always essential to check your length.

At least if your bow length is more than 8 inches, it will work for you. However, the bow length should not be too long such that the down limb touches the ground when aiming at shooting.

Limb Quality

When looking for a bow, ensure you get a limb that is of high quality. Having a good quality will enable you to save from replacing it most of the time. For you to avoid spending on limbs more often, ensure you get the one made of fiberglass. It would help if you had fiberglass limbs because they are powerful. However, they do not break or bend easily.

Riser Quality

You can get risers in two lengths. You need to ensure the length of your riser can combine with your limb length. For example, if the riser length is 25inches, then your limb should be around 66 inches.  This is only appropriate for adult people only as for children that is a different case.

If you are a beginner, ensure to buy a bow riser that is made of wood. As for the rest, it is best when you decide the type of material to use. It doesn’t matter whether it is made of aluminum, magnesium, or plastic. What is essential is, it can serve you for an extended period.

Once you have considered what you need in a bow, you will be able to make a budget that is worth your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Choose a Recurve Bow

Q: How long should your recurve be?

A: Your recurve bow length should be twice longer than your draw length., if your draw length is 25, your recurve should be 50 inches.

Q: How to quickly find your perfect recurve bow size

A: You can quickly find a recurve bow size by checking the bow size and archer height chart.

Q: How to choose a draw weight for your recurve bow?

A: Using a weight scale will help you pull the recurve bowstring in position. If you can pull back and hold your bowstring, then you are ok to go. If it is hard to remove and hold the bowstring, you will lower the weight by a few pounds.

Q: How do I know what size recurve bow I need?

A: You will use a wingspan to determine your draw length. This is whereby you stand stretching both your hands straight then measuring using a tape measure from fingertip to fingertip. Do it with the help of someone to do it accurately. Then divide the result by 2.5 to get the draw length. Use the chart to see the size of a bow you need.

Q: How do I know my draw weight?

A: It’s determined by the draw length that is 28 inches. You will see your draw weight below the limb of your bow. It is indicated as 30#, and the draw length is also indicated as @28. The bow draw weight is 30 pounds, and its draw length is 28 inches.

Final Words

If it is your first time using a recurve bow, it will better if you use a one-piece recurve bow since it is simple to assemble. The problem comes where you have to accept the challenge using a takedown recurve bow since it is one of the best.

You can change the body parts, unlike a one-piece recurve bow. It becomes useless once you break it. You will need to replace it. For the takedown, you can change your limbs to match your draw length aiming at successful shooting. I hope by now you understand everything you need to know on how to choose a recurve bow.