How To Set Up Duck Decoys [ Important 6 Point ]

If you are worried about how to set up duck decoys then these processes are very helpful for you which we are ready to explain. This duck decoy setup actually a successful and proven method as a hunting expert.

Duck decoy setup is really needed to attract your target duck, when you have selected your duck decoys you must be worried about this setup procedure. Not only that, you want to know how to set up a duck decoy spread with your targeted success.

So you have to be very careful so that your collections can maintain the condition on all sides. Just follow here proven and successful procedure that actual work.

How to set up duck decoys with perfect procedure

We are ready to explain there some type of necessary factor that can solve your question about how to set up duck decoys.

1. Congregating

If you want to hunt in deep water, try to take good care of the surroundings. Keep your ducks very clean for perfect performance. If you want to determine a good place to learn from your previous experience, if you have almost seen a place where you have seen ducks gathering then you can target that place.

Concentrate there and do not concentrate on another designated place. If you can afford it, you can set the decoys in many places.

Choosing a good position is very complicated, if this is not possible then it will not be good for decoys. You need to mark the preferred place for the duck to land.

There are some methods that are the best.  

If the water in the ponds becomes less then the water becomes very cold. At that moment you have to pay attention to the running ducks. These tips are especially for uninhabited areas and ducks that live in open water.

These secret tips are for desolate areas only, because at the moment you need to set decoys.

2. Must be use light-weight [anchors]

For non-permanent spreads, use light-weight anchors. In swamps and shallow backwater, you won’t need more than 6oz anchors. Or, use over-the-head anchors or neck ring anchors.

For larger bodies of water, upsize to 12-16oz neck rings minimum or over-the-heads.

3. Special attention

Mallards are the most well-known ducks. They are found in different places and are well acquainted with other species. When you use mallard decoys, they will look like real ducks.

Real ducks will consider them as their own species and for this, they will not be afraid when they come near.

The mallard decoys will be considered by the original ducks as their friends, which will make them come very quickly without any hesitation. Their attention will be very special because they look like real ducks.

4. Use black and pintails ducks

Ducks that have a white tail and black color are very useful. It is very much a reflection of reality.

Since these are more effective, try to keep them in a place that is easy to display. Use black and pintails, as these two will grow much more attention.

5. Decoys Size

Try using high-quality and standard type decoys for high visibility. And its setup system is easier than other decoys. If you want the ducks to be seen very quickly due to the approach, use large decoys for this.

If you want to see a bunch of ducks easily, set the decoys in a perfect position so that they can be seen well.

Size is very important for this because it is very easy to see in the exhibition and effortlessly

6. Attractive decoys

You will get decoys of many types and many colors, but you have to choose the best quality hunting decoys, do not select duck decoys that will scare your target.

Final word

This is your best solution when you are wondering Facing the question of how to set up duck decoys. These necessary 5 point is really important to developing your decoy set up perfectly that you want.