How To Wash a Ghillie Suit? [ 2 Easy Steps ]

As an expert hunting person, you must be very careful about the hunting equipment when you are starting your hunting expedition. The Ghillie suit is a very useful tool for your hunting. Today, I will discuss this caring with one more necessary part of this topic and that about how to wash a Ghillie suit. Then prepare to learn and ready to get a clear idea about this.

A Detailed Explanation about How to Wash a Ghillie Suit

Ghillie suit is a product in which garbage is a critical issue. So it can be a little difficult for you to clean it thoroughly. In the past, it was used in the context of the environment and climate. And it was made by military snipers.

It was naturally made with natural foliage. There was a lot of mixture of leaves in this dress because it would cover a hunter’s whole body so that his target animal would not see him.

But most of the time, burlap and natural jute over military BDUs. There are many hunter-gatherers who are not willing to spend much time. They can purchase it at their nearest store.

Those who don’t have time to make a purchase can clean it up and use it again when it gets dirty.

That’s why it’s dirty, and you will clean the process. If you look at most of the Ghillie-suits, you will see that it is made of camouflage or patterned cloth. Some fake foliage is added to match it. In which you will find bush-like parts.

These will fool your animal. It will sometimes embarrass you in muddy, sometimes smelly places.

Best Procedure of Cleaning The Ghillie Suit

If you want to clean a ghillie-suit well, then follow this procedure; you can follow it.

Step 1

The most effortless procedure is to wash the ghillie-suit in the washing machine on a concise gentle cycle, and then you have to follow this process, and that air-dries them or perfectly put them in the dryer on low or medium heat.

Then you can take it to fire and dry it on low heat. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that the leaves are not damaged due to the heat of the fire.

Step 2

You can then follow another suitable method, and that is, first you have to fix the clean place and keep it clean. It would help if you collected a bucket, pipe, soap, and water. You can use rinse very quickly.

You can try drying it after washing it; after it dries, you can try gentle brushing on it again.


We have described here an easy and proven process to wasting your ghillie suit. Follow here and try to include this strategy in your practical work. If you have any more questions about how to wash a ghillie suit, ask now.

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