Types of Night Vision Scopes [ 1 To 4 Generation Idea ]

This topic is about the types of night vision scope, here will be described in detail about the types of night vision scopes. Here are some tips you should know as a hunting expert.

If you have to face this product at night when you can’t see anything in front of you in the dark, you must use it.

If you ever use crossbow or rifles for hunting, you need to use Night Vision Scopes in the dark right.

There are different categories of night vision scope, depending on your range of darkness when you use it for viewing.

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Types of night vision scopes

Here we are going to discuss about its category, in fact its category is determined depending on the advice feature with advanced technology.

So here it depends on this generation, and for this we will discuss its category depending on this generation.

Marking refers to some of the generations of night vision scopes of a population, which we are going to discuss here.

1 Generation:

In the case of the first generation, we can talk about the basic type of night vision scopes. Which is very useful for a hunting interest person on a very small budget, it can provide good lighting.

You will get a feature of 25-30 lines it is 15-20 lines you will get in every millimeter.

You can easily visit at least 75 yards with these basic generation night vision scopes. However, its battery does not last long for a full night. This battery can ruin your plan for a full night.

2 Generation:

Now if we talk about Generation 2, it will be able to provide more light than Generation 1 and its price is a little higher than the previous product.

Very good resolution and its light range is 200 yards. All the quality and battery capacity is also very good, 2 – 3 times more.

Generation 3

You will get another touch of technology In Generation 3 night vision scope. An element called photocathode is included,

Which is why you will find more clarity here, which is even more advanced than the previous two Generations. And because its development is more advanced, it is more expensive. And the range of this light is so wide that you will be very surprised.

Generation 4

Generation 4 is the most advanced, no doubt about it. It sells very well and is used by many people during the day. Its light-carrying range is very nice and far-reaching, which can surpass all previous ones. If you have a large budget, you can decide on the night vision scope of Generation 4.

I’m sure you got your perfect idea here which I explained in detail about Types of night vision scopes. You can choose any of these products according to your budget and your needs.