What To Feed Deer Instead Of Corn? [5 Essential Foods]

What To Feed Deer Instead Of Corn? Are you looking for other foods instead? Which is more suitable for deer? Yes, I will discuss this topic in detail here. Which will be very helpful in providing food for your deer.

In order to attract a deer and hunt it perfectly, some different food is provided, and they are lured to the food by showing greed. And so here comes your very important question and that is What To Feed Deer Instead Of Corn?

There is a good alternative to this corn which will be much more helpful for you. Just check now about this topic here.

we are ready to include here some type of food that actually helps to attract deer in your practical hunting work.

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Full list of What To Feed Deer Instead Of Corn?

1. Soybeans

One thing I will discuss at the beginning is Soybeans, it can be your deer’s food instead of corn. But here are some things you need to know because it has some advantages and disadvantages


  • High protein
  • Cheaper than high protein pellets


  • More expensive than corn

2. Turnips

Turnips are more suitable for deer. Because it contains more important proteins. Between 15% and 20% are proteins depending on the type. And it is a very high-quality protein that will benefit a lot in winter.

And you will find another thing in it, Turnips produce glucose for plants by chemical energy, the chemical in it helps to produce glucose by a reaction. This is why deer find it sweet to eat during the winter.

Another extra benefit is its Leaves and Roots Both are really great for deer.

3. High protein pellets

High protein pellets are another food that is very used for deer. However, these high protein pellets are very difficult to get naturally.

It needs to be ready, and it’s best to use it from that store.

4. Rice bran

Another thing that is very surprising is the rice bran, which contains a lot of small proteins. And it’s fat for animals. Rice bran usually contains 20% fat. This attracts a lot of deer during the hunting season.        

However, the process of using it will be a little different, the reason is that its nutrients are different than all other foods, it will work better if used alone, so it will be best to mix it with other feeds. This food helps to increase the weight of deer.

5. Oats

Foods rich in high fiber are good for deer. Oats have that, you get 12% protein in it. And it is very easy for deer to digest.

Another important thing about corn feeding

One thing to keep in mind when you want to feed this deer to the deer is to have an idea about the deer’s habit.

Corn is not the best food for deer, although it is the cheapest food. Remember that many deer are dying by eating bad food. And especially by feeding corn, when it takes winter to feed.

The above foods such as Soybeans, Turnips, High protein, Rice bran, soft mast, Oats These can be food for your deer. Which is the best and no risk of life-destroying.

You must have got a detailed idea to answer the question of What To Feed Deer Instead Of Corn and it will be better for your deer than Corn.